Peanut Butter Private Labelling India

Glister Food is the premier peanut butter private labelling company in India, where your vision takes center stage. We understand the power of branding and are dedicated to helping you establish a strong identity that resonates with your customers.

Whether you seek to introduce a new product line, expand your existing offerings, or explore untapped markets, we work closely with you to craft a profitable and sustainable strategy that propels your brand forward. Our vertically integrated operations enable us to strike the perfect balance between quality and value, delivering competitive pricing without compromising on excellence.

Peanut Butter Private Labelling India

Peanut Butter Tailored to Your Needs

At Glister Food, We craft delectable brands. We understand that every business has unique requirements. Our skilled team combines expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional quality with each batch. From smooth and creamy textures to delightfully crunchy varieties, we meticulously curate the perfect peanut butter experience for your brand.

Unlock Your Brand Identity

Partnering with us means unlocking the potential to create a distinctive brand that stands out in the crowded marketplace. Our private labeling services empower you to showcase your brand's personality through customized packaging, labeling, and branding elements. we offer comprehensive product development and customization support.

Quality Assurance, Every Step of the Way

Quality is ingrained in our DNA. Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory ensures rigorous testing and adherence to the highest standards of food safety. From comprehensive aflatoxin and salmonella screenings to continuous research and development, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence.

Private Label Peanut Butter Suppliers

Premium Peanut Butter Powerhouse

At Glister Food, we take immense pride in being a pioneering force in the realm of private-label peanut butter suppliers. Our strong dedication to making top-notch peanut butter with private labels has helped us become a leader in this industry.

Excellent logistics

Our well-established distribution channels and robust supply chain management systems enable us to deliver our peanut butter offerings promptly.

Timely deliveries

The timely deliveries to customers across the globe, ensure freshness and quality in every peanut butter batch.

Robust distribution network

Our robust distribution network caters to global demand seamlessly without compromising on product integrity.

Principles That Guide Us

Our motto, "good food with good health, taste, and nutrition value," is more than just words; it's a guiding principle that shapes our every action. We are committed to ethical business practices, prioritizing transparency and integrity in all our operations.

Private Label Peanut Butter

Crafting Glister Food Peanut Butter.

Our peanut butter professionals collaborate closely with you to develop customized contract manufacturing strategies. We meticulously study your requirements, creating profitable plans that align seamlessly with your brand's vision and goals.

We embrace a holistic approach to food, ensuring every product we offer is a celebration of nature's bounty. With years of extensive experience under our belt, Our team transforms top-quality peanuts and other ingredients into smooth or delightfully crunchy peanut butter, capturing the essence of pure, unadulterated flavor.

  • All packaging sizes available in pet jar
  • 18 months of shelf life from the production date.
Nutrition rich

Whether you're seeking to build muscle, embark on a weight-loss journey, embrace the keto lifestyle, or simply maintain a healthy dietary habit, our peanut butter offerings are versatile companions. Packed with beneficial nutrients and healthy fats, they seamlessly integrate into diverse nutritional plans.


Our private-label peanut butter range is a true embodiment of our values. Crafted from all-natural peanuts, these vegan delights are not only rich in protein but also brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a guilt-free indulgence.

Private Label Peanut Butter Manufacturers

Our promise as Private Label Peanut Butter Manufacturers
  • Striking the Perfect Balance of Quality and Value
  • Top quality Peanut Sourced from Saurashtra peanut-growing region
  • Meticulous Testing and Quality Control Measures
  • Groundbreaking Aflatoxin Removal Technology with dedicated three-stage cleaning
  • World-Class Production Facilities with Stringent Certifications
  • Multi-Stage Quality Assurance Processes for purity
  • Pioneering Automated Blending Systems in every batch
  • Comprehensive Product Development and Customization Support make us stand tall
  • Exclusive Partnerships with Industry Giants
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Vertically Integrated Operations for Seamless Delivery
  • Direct Manufacturer Advantage for Competitive Pricing

White Label Peanut Butter

Discover the Collaborative journey with us

At Glister Food, we believe in a collaborative approach to ensure your white-label peanut butter project is a resounding success. We follow a comprehensive process that begins with understanding your unique needs and goals, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet your expectations, regardless of the project's size.

Peanut Butter Pioneers

Glister Food Private Limited is the vanguard of the white label peanut butter industry in India we craft unparalleled peanut butter experiences for discerning brands and consumers alike.

Recipe Formulation and Development

Our culinary experts work closely with you to develop recipes that align with your brand's vision and target audience's preferences, crafting flavors and textures that captivate taste buds.

Packaging and Design

Our design team collaborates with you to create visually stunning packaging that not only catches the eye but also reflects your brand's identity, ensuring a cohesive and compelling product presentation.

First Production

With your input and approval, we meticulously execute the initial production run, adhering to the highest quality standards and ensuring every detail is perfected.

Scale Up

As your demand grows, we seamlessly scale up production, leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities and efficient processes to meet your increasing requirements without compromising on quality.

Improvements and Iterations

We embrace a continuous improvement mindset, actively seeking your feedback and making necessary adjustments to refine and enhance our white-label peanut butter offerings, ensuring they consistently exceed your expectations.

Glister Food Pvt. Ltd. is a leading private label manufacturer of peanut butter around the world.

We will work with you to understand your needs and goals to make sure we can meet your expectations. Both small and large projects are welcome.

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Private Label Product

Glister Food Pvt. ltd. belong to the peanut growing area known as a Rajkot. Most of the production of peanut butter in India is done in Rajkot and Junagadh. This company of oursis a sister company of concern which has a superior experience of 40 years of manufacturing.

Glister Food Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to providing high protein food products to make your meals healthier and more delicious. No longer do you have to consume products that are filled with unhealthy preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. With Glister, We formulate our products with only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available. We want to be a part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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Reach Out To Us

Let us collaborate and create a brand that captivates taste buds while reflecting your distinct identity. When you choose Glister Food as your private label peanut butter suppliers, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your success. Our team is eager to connect with you, providing personalized attention and expertise to elevate your brand's peanut butter offerings to new heights.

Peanut Butter

The truly vegan butter made of all-natural peanuts. The peanut butter is not just rich in proteins, but also full of essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B-6, manganese, potassium and zinc. It is also a good source of healthy fats and antioxidants. Peanut butters are excellent additions to muscle building diets, weight loss regimes, Keto diets, or for just maintaining a healthy dietary habit.