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We Serve Creamy and Smooth Butter to Our Customers

Glister is a popular brand for peanuts, peanut paste and butter private labelling. We have all the required certifications to make world-class peanut butter and paste for our clients. Our delicious peanut-products are enjoyed by everyone! Starting from people who want to maintain a healthy dietary habit, build muscles, lose weight or simply enjoy the mesmerizing taste of peanuts!




Highest Quality

Glister has won the trust of companies all around the world because of its high-quality of products. We ensure that all the products are quality checked multiple times before reaching our client.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free peanut butter can relieve the symptoms of celiac diseases and heal damage caused to the small intestine.

Vitamins E, B3, B6

Peanut butter is rich in Protein, Minerals and Vitamins, But it can also be high in Calories, Sodium and Unsaturated Fat.


0 Cholesterol Heart Friendly

This fatty acid lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol and increase protective (HDL) cholesterol. Peanut are natural source of arginine.

Low Carbs

Its composition make peanut butter a balanced food that can be added to keto diets, depending on how it's made.

Healty Fats

One of the main fats in peanut butter is oleic acid. When substituted for other fats in your diet, oleic acid is shown to help maintain good cholesterol, blood sugar and blood presure.


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